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Big Data Pipeline for Analytics at Scale at FIT CVUT 2014

The recent boom in big data processing and democratization of the big data space has been enabled by the fact that most of the concepts originated in the research labs of companies such as Google, Amazon, Yahoo and Facebook are now available as open source. Technologies such as Hadoop, Cassandra let businesses around the world to become more data driven and tap into their massive data feeds to mine valuable insights.

At the same time, we are still at a certain stage of the maturity curve of these new big data technologies and of the entire big data technology stack. Many of the technologies originated from a particular use case and attempts to apply them in a more generic fashion are hitting the limits of their technological foundations. In some areas, there are several competing technologies for the same set of use cases, which increases risks and costs of big data implementations.

We will show how GoodData solves the entire big data pipeline today, starting from raw data feeds all t…