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Introduction to Technology Thoughts Series

The travel blog I started back in Spring 2008 was in fact a coincidence. I bought the Sony Ericsson P1i smartphone at the time and it came with a native Blogger client app. It was not about any serious blogging though: the app was limited to entering a title, choosing a photo, adding a description and hitting the Publish button. I started using the app on the road as I was carrying the P1i everywhere and as an Ariba consultant, I was traveling quite a lot to different places around Europe.

I keep using the same schema since then to maintain what I would call a "travel log" - a stream of postcards from places I am vising. May be, one day in a distant future, over a cup of good coffee, I will be recalling my memories by scrolling through the travel blog and reminding myself of the past adventures. You know - these nostalgic moments. ;-)

Coming back to today and to all the hot stuff happening around me, I realized I feel an urgent need to start a real blog to capture my thoughts …