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GoodData Innovation Machine

On Tuesday April 12, coincidentally on the 50th anniversary of the first human space flight, GoodData have launched Release 50 featuring GoodData Sales Analytics for Salesforce. I took this special opportunity to look back and recap the journey from the "R1" as we call it internally to the latest "R50". Continue reading GoodData turned 50 in just 32 months! on our developer blog.

One Week on Froyo

Late March 2011 Motorola has finally begun to roll out Froyo for Milestone in Europe. Yesterday, it's been a week since I upgraded my Milestone from Eclair to Froyo, so here comes a list of first impressions:

The Good Stuff (Pros)
Move to SD is great stuff, I have been fighting with insufficient space on internal drive for most of the last six months.New breed of Google Apps including Gmail with Priority Inbox and Calendar with enhanced sync for multiple Google accounts represents a big productivity boost for me.Overall, many apps with Froyo-only features such as push-sync in RememberTheMilk or SHOUTcast radio support in WinAmp make the phone much more up-to-date.The switching back and forth between Flight Mode and normal mode is reliable in Froyo (this has been huge annoyance in Eclair)I have not experienced a single spontaneous restart during the past week.
The Flash support in the Browser also comes handy - no more websites with the annoying blue missing plug-in logo.Not so Good …

Android - Alternative Keyboards Shootout

The Motorola Milestone picture, courtesy of Wikipedia.Most of the time, I stick to the hardware slide-out keyboard of the Motorola Milestone. Indeed, the presence of the hardware keyboard was one of the main reasons I chose this device over the other in the first place. However, there are occasions, when I just need to quickly reply to a text message or an email, often while on the go having only one hand available to operate the device. I use the stock Android soft-keyboard in these cases, but I remain unhappy with the perceived high number of typos and errors. Many times I start typing on the soft-keyboard and eventually frustrated with the typos I slide out the hardware keyboard, rotate the device to the landscape mode and finish the text on the hardware keyboard. The problem with this solution is, that switching takes time: applications need to react to the screen orientation change and redraw the user interface. Some apps are fast, but for some of them, this change takes one or …

Why SaaS and Cloud Computing make IT fun again

If you had asked me five or even three years ago what I thought of IT, I would probably replied that I had enough of IT for the rest of my life. Computers were fun in 90's when I was a student, but after the year 2000, with the increasing industrialization and maturity of the IT industry, things were starting to become boring for me. IT was no longer that exciting mix of science and art. This was especially the case of the enterprise IT as low cost country outsourcing turned the software development and enterprise integration into a full blown industrial process with lack of creativity: Armies of anonymous software engineers implementing endless customizations of a questionable business value, all this driven by multi-month waterfall projects and roll outs. Well, I exaggerate here a bit, I agree. ;-)It was the rise of Software as a Service (SaaS) which changed the rules of the game. By running a single multi-tenant instance of a service on top of a hardware and software stack of t…