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Bringing GoodData Platform to the Next Level

Back in 2007 Marc Andreessen, founder of Netscape Communications and an investor in GoodData, wrote his legendary blog post entitled “The three kinds of platforms you meet on the Internet”. He defined the following three levels of a platform as follows:
Level 1 - “Access API”: “platform’s apps run elsewhere, and call into the platform via a web services API to draw on data and services – this is how Flickr does it.”Level 2 - “Plug-In API”: “platform’s apps run elsewhere, but inject functionality into the platform via a plug-in API – this is how Facebook does it.”Level 3 - “Runtime Environment”: “platform’s apps run inside the platform itself – the platform provides the “runtime environment” within which the app’s code runs.” In the same year, GoodData was founded by serial entrepreneur Roman Stanek to take on the calcified world of Business Intelligence (BI). Unlike other BI vendors, we chose a radically different approach. We did not try to build yet another closed BI tool with…